Staff Members

Managing Board and Office Management
Director: Mariette Dölle
Office Manager: Hetty Leijdekkers
Exhibition and Collections
Head of Collections |Curator of Modern Art: Marianne van Gils
Curator ‘Bergense School’: Patricia Bracke 
Head of Communications: Angelika Bisseling
Education Coordinator: Laura Eijpe
School Programs:
Guided Tours:
Culture Coaches:
Head of Finance: Erwin van Braak
Head of Facilities: René Hoornstra
Catering and Private Events
Catering Manager
Front Desk and Museum Attendants
Front Desk and Museum Attendants Coordinator: Renée de Jongh
Volunteer Coordinator: Hetty Leijdekkers en Renée de Jongh
Museum Shop
Museum Shop Coordinator: Rensje Min

Supervisory Board

Gusta Lebbink - chairman
Jan Willem Labree - member
Rob Berends - member
Daniëlle Lokin - member

Kranenburgh is a Non-Profit Foundation and is included in the Museum Register of the Netherlands. 
Kranenburgh endorses the Code Cultural Governance and has a ANBI-status. 

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Annual Report 2016
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