Appetite for Experimentation

With his drive and determination, Leo Gestel was an inspiration to his peers in Bergen and beyond. He painted Portrait of a Woman during a period of extensive experimentation and developed his very own version of cubism and futurism.

Connection with Bergen

Although Gestel only moved to Bergen in 1921, his Portrait of a Woman is connected to the artists' village. The painting comes from the collection of Bergen patron Piet Boendermaker, which is confirmed by a self-written label on the back. For now, the portrayed person's identity remains a secret.


Accompanying the exhibition is the publication of In de voetsporen van Gestel (In the Footsteps of Gestel), which includes contributions by Caroline Roodenburg on her research and a colourful Gestel walk through Bergen by author Karin Evers.

3 Jun - 30 Sep 2018